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The "Unboxing" Experience

It's a real thing.

You have probably seen or heard of the hugely popular Youtube videos documenting someone's experience opening their online purchase and reviewing a product. The "unboxing" experience is exactly that, it is the experience you give your customers while they open their anticipated package to get to that purchase that they have been waiting to arrive.

The unboxing experience gives the seller an opportunity to connect with their customers, create a memorable experience, and leave a lasting impression that could lead to future sales. Getting and keeping repeat customers is one of the keys to ecommerce success, as acquisition cost of new customers can be expensive.

While some online sellers do not utilize the opportunity to create an unboxing experience at all, others like big companies or ones that have a special niche can get really creative with special boxes and branding. From custom boxes, to stickers, to the package fill, the unboxing experience can be made very special and brand specific.

So what happens when your orders are drop shipped? That depends on the drop ship supplier. Many are as plain as can be. The main idea being that the customer gets their order and is none the wiser about it coming from a drop ship supplier.

Drop Shipping By Natural Artist goes further. Your drop ship orders are sent with a custom packing slip that includes your logo and seller details. The shipping label includes your business name and return address in the sender field. We create an unboxing experience by wrapping most items in tissue paper with a pretty gold seal. The order may arrive in a plain box or padded envelope, but upon opening, your customer sees that care has been given to wrapping each item, which shows them they are important to you and psychologically gives the anticipation and rush of opening a gift.

You can take advantage of the unboxing experience by adding your own touch to your drop shipped orders. We offer the Advertising Inserts service for a very small annual fee. You can be very simple or creative with this step and leave a lasting impression or incentive to shop with you again soon. You ship your inserts to us and we store them to use with your orders. Include a note on your order to let us know which inserts you want sent with each drop ship order.

Here are just a few ideas to include in your drop ship orders:

  • Business card
  • Post card with coupon code, thank you, or other message.
  • Pretty or fun magnet with your website address (We use a pretty photo magnetic with a photo of a hibiscus and our website address for orders from our retail website The idea being that it is pretty enough to keep and put on the fridge with a reminder of our website.)
  • Custom sticker to wrap your orders with. Use your logo or website address.

Do you have an idea for an interesting insert? Comment below to share your ideas.


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