A Note About Inventory

A Note About Inventory

Drop Shipping By Natural Artist offers handmade artisan products. We specialize in being unique and offering our drop ship partners new designs on an ongoing basis. Our inventory stock is visible on our csv files. We have padding on some of our inventory numbers so that we do not need to change our inventory files every day. When a product sells out we send out notifications via email, push, and our Facebook group page.

Our inventory includes products that fall into the following categories:

  • One of a kind
  • Few of a kind
  • Dozens of a kind
  • Restocked regularly if popular
  • Limitless - made on demand

Why do we have the inventory numbers we have and what can you expect in the future?

We launched our drop ship program in the first quarter of 2017. We made the decision to offer drop ship services because of requests from customers and the demand for drop shipping by the wholesale market.

Natural Artist has been selling retail and wholesale since 1998 both online and at in person events. We have a large inventory of products that we had in stock for that purpose. We are currently photographing and adding those products to our drop ship program. A percentage of those products are one or few of a kind designs. That is great for some of our retailers and concerning for others. That is why our goal is to have a balance between uniqueness and availability.

As we add products we will balance one or few of a kind designs with others that have higher inventory levels. In the future as we procure new products or create new designs they will be of higher starting inventory levels. Of course one of a kind paintings will always be one of a kind. Prints and made on demand products have limitless inventory. Wood jewelry is restocked for our most popular designs.

You may choose to sell any or all of our products. If you have concern about one of a kind items you may opt not to list those items.

If you have a favorite category that you would like to see more products in let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

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