Coconut Cuff Earrings - Buy One Get One

Coconut Cuff Earrings - Buy One Get One

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drop ship coconut earrings

Historically, our most sold product are the Coconut Cuff Earrings. In the past few weeks sales of coconut cuff earrings have spiked. We want to help our drop ship partners ride the wave.

We are offering buy one get one free on Coconut Cuff Earring orders for the remainder of the month of July. You can pass this on to your customers as a promo. If a second color is selected for the free pair just note it at checkout, otherwise we will send the color of our choice for the free pair. Don't put the free pair in the cart, we will automatically send them with each coconut cuff earring order.

If you have placed an order that includes coconut cuff earrings in the past week, we sent out a complimentary pair with the order already.

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