Product SKU Changes, Inventory Syncing, & Stock File

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Product SKU Changes

SKUs have been changed to work with the Stock Sync App. If you have uploaded our product files before 6/1/17 you will need to update the product SKUs. If you are using Shopify you can easily import the new product file and select "overwrite" to change the SKUs. Please note that if you have made customizations to your products you will want to open the csv file and delete the columns that would overwrite the content you have customized before importing.

If you are not using the SKUs to update products or inventory you should not need to worry about the change in SKUs - other than if you are using them to track inventory or if you search our products via SKU.


Inventory Sync

If you are using Shopify you can sync your shop's inventory to our inventory automatically using the Stock Sync App. The source file is available on the Files & Resources page.


Stock File

An inventory stock file is now available on the Files & Resources page. The inventory stock file is updated nightly when applicable (we have padding on some of our product inventory so we don't have to constantly update files). This file may be helpful for those who are not using Shopify and need a quick, streamlined way to check on product inventory.

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