Updates & Changes to Packing Slips & Shipping Prices

Packing Slips

We are switching over to completely digital packing slips and will no longer send paper packing slips with orders.

We want to give you more control and digital packing slips sent by you directly to your customers is the best option. Plus, no paper packing slip is the eco friendly option and that's a win win for everyone.

Shipping labels will feature Your Business Name and our return address in the shipper's area. This allows for any returned shipments to return directly to us.

Shipping Prices

Shipping prices have been increased on our smallest packages. First Class Shipping has changed from $2.50 to $3.50. Priority Mail for small packages has changed from $6.95 to $8.

The USPS has increased shipping rates several times since the time we set our last shipping rates. We absorbed to cost to keep shipping rates lower for our sellers, but we have to close the gap as we lose money on shipping for each order as well as providing all of the packing supplies. The USPS is scheduled to increase rates again the third week in January 2020. We do not know what the rates will be yet. When they release the rate information we will evaluate all of our shipping costs and inform you immediately if we need to increase rates any further.

Unfortunately, this is an inevitable part of doing business online and shipping orders. You can opt to increase your shipping rates to your customers or increase your product prices to make up for the increase in shipping.


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