Drop Shipping by Natural Artist FAQ

Q. Where does Drop Shipping by Natural Artist ship to?

A. Natural Artist ships Internationally. Please note, due to high international fraud, we do not accept returns from any order shipped outside of the USA.

Q. Where is Natural Artist located and where do orders ship from?

A. We are physically located in Green Valley, AZ, USA. All orders from Drop Shipping by Natural Artist ship from our location here in AZ.

Q. Is there any cost to use Natural Artist's drop ship services?

A. There is a one time account set up fee of $39 (Reg. $49). You will have access to our user's guide, product files, product images, product descriptions, and special drop ship pricing. We will put your logo and information on your packing slips. If you would like to send us small inserts like business cards or coupons to include with your orders, we provide that service for an additional $36 per year. Inserts should be small enough to fit in a small padded envelope and be light weight so they don't add to shipping costs. You send them to us and we store them for use with your orders.

Q. What is the Drop Ship pricing and how much can I earn?

A. The drop ship pricing on our products is 30%-40% off of our recommended retail prices (most are 40% off). You may list our products at whatever price you want. For example, if we have a necklace with a retail price recommended at $40, and the drop ship cost to you is $24, you earn $16. You may choose to list this same necklace at $60, your drop ship cost is still just $24 and you earn $36.

Q. How much is shipping?

A. Our shipping rates are discounted. Shipping cost is calculated by order weight, shipping method, and destination. Most orders ship for just $2.50.

Standard Shipping to USA:

0-1 pound $2.50

1-3 pounds $5.00

3-5 pounds $8.00

5+ pounds $15.00

Priority Mail to USA:

0-1 pound $5.95

1-3 pounds $9.00

3-5 pounds $12.00

5-10 pounds $18.00

Standard USPS Shipping to Canada:

0-1 pounds $15.00

1-5 pounds $25.00

Priority Mail to Canada:

5-10 pounds $45.00

Standard shipping to the rest of the World:

0-5 pounds $25.00

5-10 pounds $50.00

Q. Is there a per item or per order Drop Shipping fee?

A. No, there are no additional fees.

Q. What is the Natural Artist return policy?

A. USA destinations only. Returns are accepted within 7 days of customer receiving the product. You must contact us within those first 7 days to initiate a return. We must receive the product back within 30 days. Communication with your customer is your responsibility. You may choose to have the customer return the item to your address or directly to us. Once the product is received by us we will refund your money.

Q. Is there Sales Tax?

A. We are required to collect sales tax on all orders to AZ.

Q. I don't have a website. Can you help me or build me one?

A. Yes, we can build you a Shopify website with our drop ship products loaded and ready to sell for $300. Software to sync to our inventory will also be installed. Shopify does have a monthly cost starting at $29. The Shopify website we offer will be similar in design to this site. If you want a more robust, custom eCommerce website contact us for a quote. We are professional web developers.

Q. Can I sell other products on the same site besides Natural Artist products?

A. Yes, you may sell other products besides Natural Artist products on the same site, even if its a website we build for you.

Q. What type of businesses and websites are NOT allowed to list Natural Artist products?

A. Any site that is not family friendly, expresses or promotes violence or hate towards humans or animals, or has pornography, is prohibited to list our products.

Q. How long has Natural Artist been in business?

A. Natural Artist has been in business since 1998.

Q. I have more questions, can I contact you?

A. Yes! Please start with an email to info@naturalartist.com or use the contact form. If you want to speak by phone we can schedule a time.

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