Files and Resources

Product Files

Files are in Dropbox. When you click on the link you will be taken to where you can click on the download button to download the file.

Product CSV File Download  This file has our suggested retail prices without showing the discounted drop shipping price. Use this file if you are uploading directly to your shop.

Product CSV File With Drop Ship Pricing and Retail Pricing Download  This file shows both the discounted drop ship price that you purchase from us at and the suggested retail pricing. If you are uploading directly to your shop without modifying this file it will set your prices to the discounted drop ship prices.

Inventory Product File (updated daily) This file shows just SKU's, current inventory of each, drop ship and retail price.

Inventory Sync

Shopify users can sync their shop inventory with ours automatically by using Syncio or Stock Sync App.

Syncio Key:


Stock Sync App Source Host:

Facebook Group

Join the Drop Shipping by Natural Artist Facebook group for the latest updates and news. We also send out emails, but the group is a great way to stay up to date, ask questions, and connect with other Natural Artist Drop Shippers.

User Guide 

Have a question or need information that would be useful in our user guide? Please email us and we will get back to you and perhaps add it to the guide to help others.

User Guide PDF