Get Started Drop Shipping

To get started with Drop Shipping by Natural Artist please follow all of these steps and be sure to scroll down the page:

Step 1: Take a look at our catalog and view our products. These are the products available at this time for drop shipping. (Currently 150 products and growing.)

Step 2: Visit the FAQ page. It has detailed information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Step 3: If you have any additional questions contact us. We would also like to know more about you and where you will sell Natural Artist products, so please drop us a note if you would like. This is not a required step.

Ready to get started?

Step 4: Purchase a Drop Shipping Membership. This will give you access to our product drop ship pricing and suggested retail prices, product images, descriptions, and files to use on your website. We will also create customized shipping labels that will show your business name. *You may cancel at anytime, however please be sure that you are ready to be a Natural Artist Drop Shipping Member before you purchase as there are no refunds of membership fees.

Step 5: Use our product file to upload our products to your website. Once your membership is set up you can find it on the Files & Resources page. Please allow us 24 hours to set up your membership (though usually it is much sooner). Our product file is in Shopify's format. You may need to modify the format for upload to other platforms. You may also choose to add individual products manually.