Boho Themed Turn Key Business & Website

Boho Themed Turn Key Business & Website

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Boho themed turn key business and website

Only one of this site is available.

Features ready to sell drop ship products and original blog content.

Boho ready to sell website package includes:

  • professionally developed Shopify site
  • Logos
  • Domain Name (which includes current registration good until 4/13/21 and is renewable for under $10 a year with the domain name registrar)
  • Domain name currently redirects to the Shopify domain. Once your Shopify account is set up the domain name can be set as the main website domain without redirect.
  • SSL Security Certificate is included with Shopify. This important for ranking in search engines and for customer confidence.
  • Business Facebook Page
  • Drop Ship product by Drop Shipping By Natural Artist installed
  • Stock Sync App installed to sync to our inventory (costs $5/mo.)
  • Free one time account set up fee for drop shpping account (value of $49)
  • 5 SEO targeted blog posts with Amazon affiliate products
  • Search engine page descriptions
  • Content ready for shipping, returns, and about pages. You may make changes as you like to the provided content
  • Google Analytics installed on website for traffic analysis
  • Instant messaging and chat function on website (optional at no additional cost)
  • An hour of phone tutorial to help you learn how to manage your Shopify website

Boho Niche Popularity

Boho and Bohemian chic fashion, decor and topics are highly searched.

Google Monthly Search Statistics From United States - Keyword Planner

10K – 100K boho
10K – 100K boho chic
10K – 100K bohemian
1K – 10K bohemian chic
1K – 10K bohemian style
1K – 10K boho style
1K – 10K boho jewelry
1K – 10K boho bags
1K – 10K boho purses
1K – 10K boho fashion
100 – 1K boho art
1K – 10K boho decor
1K – 10K bohemian jewelry
1K – 10K boho bracelets
1K – 10K boho necklaces
1K – 10K boho earrings
100 – 1Kbohemian bags
1K – 10K bohemian fashion
1K – 10K bohemian decor
1K – 10K bohemian art
100 – 1K bohemian earrings
100 – 1K bohemian bracelets
100 – 1K bohemian necklaces

Ideas To Grow This Site

  • Add additional drop ship product lines or your own products
  • Add additional Amazon affiliate product links
  • Continue blog development focused on boho style
  • Blog posts can have products from your site listed for sale within them or linked to from the post
  • Continue Social Media development
  • Set up Google Shopping
  • Utlilize Shopify's built in feature to sell inventory directly on Pinterest and Facebook