VIP Membership (Annual)

VIP Membership (Annual)

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$249/year membership fee

● 30%-50%+ off retail prices

● Additional 15% off coupon code good for all orders

● White label drop shipping

● Reserve inventory from the VIP section to advertise without worry of products being sold out (select items)

● Access to data file with products, images, descriptions and prices

● Stock Sync or Syncio Apps to keep your Shopify site updated with our inventory levels

● No per order fees

● Ideal for those experienced in eCommerce or who plan to run targeted advertising

You have access to our product files, product images, product descriptions, and special drop shipping product pricing PLUS an additional 15% off every order with your exclusive coupon code.

Your company information will appear on the orders shipped to your customers.

After purchase of your membership please email us your business name to put on your shipping label. We do not send paper packing slips as we have found digital packing slips sent directly from you to your customers a better option.

We do not offer refunds after purchase of memberships, but you may cancel a VIP Membership and revert to a Basic Membership the following year with no additional fee.